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Peanut Butter


Peanut Butter

About Croptown

Founded with a moto of producing a health manufacturing unit, Croptown today is one of the pioneering producers of peanut butter- a food with immense health benefits. Croptown has a global presence, it has expanded its footprints all over India.

Health is wealth is not only perceived but also strongly believed by us. Considering the significance and vitalities of health and after extensive consumer survey, our directors have come up with a product: Peanut Butter, which encompasses some very important health benefits.

Simple, Honest Ingredients

We are so passionate about peanut butter that we started our own peanut farm. We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty growing the best peanuts.

Blend it, bake it, spread it, love it

All the taste, 90% less fat. Endless peanut possibilities. Sensational in smoothies. Delicious in dips. Outrageous in oatmeal. Yummy on yogurt. Terrific on toast. What’s not to love?


All Natural Peanut Butter

Croptown, one of the best Peanut Butter made in India with either bread or as a spread with salads and other food. Made by premium Peanut Butter exporter of India, this Peanut Butter is full of cream. So grab one of the finest Peanut Butter and enjoy the taste!


  •  Classic (Natural) Classic (Natural)
  •  Natural (Creamy) Natural (Creamy)
  • Mango (Crunchy) Mango (Crunchy)
  •  Coconut (Crunchy) Coconut (Crunchy)
  • White Chocolate (Crunchy) White Chocolate (Crunchy)
  •  Cardamom (Crunchy) Cardamom (Crunchy)
  •  Chocolate (Crunchy) Chocolate (Crunchy)
  •  Strawberry (Crunchy) Strawberry (Crunchy)

Why Croptown Peanut Butter?

A Creamy and Crunchy peanut butter is delicious in taste and rich source of protein and potassium. every spoon of Croptown peanut butter is made from organic raw peanut harvested from the fertile soils.

  • Aids Weight Loss

    Eating small quantities at a gap of every three hours has proven to prevent weight gain. Apply Peanut butter to your sandwiches to complement your food intake between your meals.

    Aids Weight Loss
  • Packed with Nutrients

    Not only is Peanut butter tasty and filling, it is also packed with nutrients which will benefit your body in manifold ways.

    Packed with Nutrients
  • Energy Booster

    Experiencing an energy boost everyday as you resort to a lip smacking Peanut butter contained snack or food.

    Energy Booster
  • Heart Friendly

    Peanut butter is heart friendly and is considered to be a good spread for any kind of a light snack.

    Heart Friendly
  • Fiber Rich

    Fibers are essential for a good digestive system and Peanut butter could provide this rich resource to foster easy digestion.

    Fiber Rich
  • Source of Protien

    Receive a daily dose of proteins as you have some Peanut butter during the day.

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