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All Natural Peanut Butter

Croptown, one of the best Peanut Butter made in India with either bread or as a spread with salads and other food. Made by premium Peanut Butter exporter of India, this Peanut Butter is full of cream. So grab one of the finest Peanut Butter and enjoy the taste!


  •  Classic (Natural) Classic (Natural)
  •  Natural (Creamy) Natural (Creamy)
  • Mango (Crunchy) Mango (Crunchy)
  •  Coconut (Crunchy) Coconut (Crunchy)
  • White Chocolate (Crunchy) White Chocolate (Crunchy)
  •  Cardamom (Crunchy) Cardamom (Crunchy)
  •  Chocolate (Crunchy) Chocolate (Crunchy)
  •  Strawberry (Crunchy) Strawberry (Crunchy)
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